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· 3 min read

Hello, my name is xuanwo and on behalf of the BeyondStorage community, I would like to announce BeyondStorage's goals and plans for 2021Q4.


Let me start by introducing the mission and vision of BeyondStorage.

BeyondStorage will always focus on Building Open Source Cross-Cloud Data Services for the Multi-Cloud Era to power digital transformation driven by multi-cloud strategies, our vision is to Let data flow freely between storage platforms.

  • Application developers don't need to care about the compatibility of the underlying storage
  • Service providers can deploy on any platform without anxiety about single-vendor lock-in
  • Users' data can flow freely between storage platforms

We expect to solve the following problems for users with multi-cloud data services that are available across clouds.

  • Data access: Access data from any storage service via any open protocol
  • Data Management: Manage storage platforms through unified management applications
  • Data Migration: Migrate data between any storage services
  • Data Backup: Backup data from any storage service to another service


In 2021Q4, we plan to focus on the following projects.


First is BeyondTP: a cross-cloud data migration service.

It can support data migration between any storage services, concurrent multi-node migration, breakpoint migration, and incremental migration. In addition, it has a graphical management interface that allows users to easily create/submit migration tasks and view the progress of the migration from a native client or web page. We expect BeyondTP to become an open-source, neutral, and efficient new option for data migration.

Over the past year, ongoing staff changes have caused us to postpone the release of BeyondTP, and in Q4 we will be giving BeyondTP more love. We plan to deliver the first preview version of BeyondTP in 2021Q4, in which users will be able to use the following features.

  • Migrate data between any storage service (25 services are expected to be supported)
  • Create/submit/manage migration tasks via command line or graphical interface
  • Flexible deployment: scaling from single-node to multi-node migrations

Until we release a preview version, we plan to release a test version every month to get feedback from the community.


Then there's BeyondCTL: a cross-cloud data management tool.

It can manage any storage service, view/list/add/delete files, copy/move/sync between storage services, count the number and size of files in a directory, generate publicly accessible links, and more.

We expect BeyondCTL to be a replacement for great tools like s3cmd, azcopy, s3ctl, etc., allowing users to manage all their storage services with just one tool installed.

We plan to deliver the first stable version of BeyondCTL in 2021Q4, in which users will be able to use the following features.

  • profile: easily switch between multiple stores
  • ls: list a directory
  • cp: Copy files or folders between services
  • mv: move files or folders between services
  • rm: Delete a file or folder
  • sync: synchronize files or folders between services
  • stat: View information about a specified file or folder
  • cat: Outputs the contents of a file to standard output
  • tee: writes the contents of standard input to a file
  • sign: Sign the specified file so that it can be accessed publicly
  • create/delete: Creates or deletes a storage service
  • config: Modify the configuration of the storage service

Before we release the final stable version, we plan to release a test version every two weeks to get feedback from the community.

This is our development plan for 2021Q4, please let us know what you think. We look forward to all the comments and suggestions from the community!

· 2 min read

Hello everyone, in this article, we will announce our 2021Q3 roadmap.


Before starting our plan, let’s revisit our architecture.

In the past year:

  • go-storage API has been more and more stable, with no big break changes anymore.
  • Up to 21 services have been or are under development.
  • BeyondTP has released several beta versions.

We have many ideas so far, all of them are listed in BeyondStorage 2021Q3 Roadmap Draft, in this post, we only discuss our roadmap.

Now we have a solid foundation to support us to go higher and further, we have to think about where BeyondStorage should go.


More Services Connected#

For now, we have 21 supported services: 9 of them are stable, 1 of them is beta, 11 of them are under development.

In 2021Q3, we will expand them to 30 services:

  • Services already implemented will become stable.
  • 9 more services will be implemented.

After 2021Q3, BeyondStorage will connect almost all major storage services in the world.

More Releases for BeyondTP#

BeyondTP is a neutral data migration service that is built upon go-storage. In the past several months, our development speed is too slow. In 2021Q3, we will accelerate iteration speed.

After 2021Q3, we will release a usable version of BeyondTP.

More Scene Expansion#

In 2021Q3, we will expand more scenes for BeyondStorage.

First of all, we will try to build BeyondFS: a high-performance, POSIX-ish File System based on go-storage. In 2021Q3, we plan to build a first beta release version of BeyondFS.

Then, we will build an FTP server based on go-storage: BeyondFTP. This service could behave like an FTP gateway for all supported storage services.

Finally, we will start an incubator project: BeyondCTL. This service is a command-line tool for storage management. In this project, we will support multiple profiles that each profile can connect to different storage services.